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Sears 3.6 Model

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  • Sears 3.6 Model

    I have a Sears 3.6 HP Model 287 58513. Can anyone please tell me what year it is, is it air or water cooled and if repair manuals are available.

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    Are you sure about the 287?


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      I was wrong. It's 21758513 serial # 1009 8 or 6 5. Thanks for that.


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        Eska made the 217. model prefix engines for Sears, Ted Williams, and Game fisher from 1968-1986
        217.58513 is a 1970

        Looks like Eska went out of business in 1986, and parts are hard to come by.

        I found a little information on Maxrules.com site that says get in touch with the place below and speak with Vern. They bought up Eska's stock when they went out of business. I'm not sure if this info. is valid anymore. I would appreciate you letting me know if it is.

        I'll message you a link to a place who lists the part number. I don't want to link b/c idk if it's a competitor site.
        The impeller part number is ES-10000


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          1970 year its water cooled. You will see water come out the exhaust ports. Has points like a lawn mower which it basically is. The water sprays on the bottom of the power head to help cool it as well as the leg. One of my favorite models to restore. Very simple and run great and parts readily available
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