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1967 9.2 HP Wards Sea King

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  • 1967 9.2 HP Wards Sea King

    I have a 1967 Sea King 9.2 HP. VWB 27909 It won’t pump water. I’ve checked the water pump and impeller and they both work. I’ve also cleaned all the water lines from the bottom of the engine to the gear case. Please help me figure out what’s wrong

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    It is a VWB 27909 A not a VWB 27909


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      water tube clogged or the water passage around the head could have trash in it.
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        Post #1 says water pump and impeller "both work". At the same time you said it "won't pump water". Confusing, to say the least. How do you know the pump works if it won't pump?

        Let's start at the beginning. Where are you running this thing? On a boat on the lake? On muffs? In a bucket?