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Any Seabee owners help me?

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  • Any Seabee owners help me?

    Hi all
    Over in the Uk and have a Seabee 4 (JLO Rockwell Model L77L) boat engine that I am trying to restore / get running for use on my dinghy but I have run into a bit of a problem.
    Inside the prop housing there are two cogs that lock together but on the shaft behond the prop gear is a bush with what i can only describe as an "arm on it" but I have no idea what this does or which way round / how it should be fitted?
    I have arrowed the puzzling part in the photos and showed the inside of the propellor housing - anyone any ideas how this all fits so I can get the thing together - if you could upload a drawing or pic it would be worth a 1000 words!
    Many thanks

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    If it didnt move when you took it apart what makes you think it shouldnt just go back the way you took it off
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      If it was only that easy i wouldn't’ have posted for help!
      when i removed the prop and the shaft etc i didnt’ t find that bush until a little later, it had slid off the shaft (assuming that where it goes) and was in the bottom of the unit housing so i don't actually now which way round it fits or whether that lug connects with something.