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Mastercraft ilmore oil gauge 0

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  • Mastercraft ilmore oil gauge 0

    I took my boat out today and the oil gauge showed 0 and said I needed service as well as showing it was overheating. We took the boat out of the river. There was not any smoke, or weird smell and when checking the oil it was full. Where do I start to look for what is going on?

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    Look for a loose ground. How about the rest of the gauges (fuel, tachometer)?
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      Ayuh,..... Clean to shiny metal Clean, both ends of both battery cables, especially the grounds,.....


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        If all the above checks out then the sending unit mounted above the area where the oil filter would be mounted could be at fault. There may be 2 or 1 . If the membrane in the sender ruptures the sender stops because it is filled with oil.
        Get a test light and probe the terminal with the key on and have someone watch the gauge. It should move but may not peg.
        If the gauge moves then that will show that the wire harness is good and the sender is at fault. If the gauge does not move then start looking at the wires under the instrument panel and wire harness to the engine.
        The sending unit is probably a special type and not an automotive type.
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