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Yamaha outdrive replacement

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  • Yamaha outdrive replacement

    I have 2 Yamaha ME420STIs and am looking for a replacement outdrive. Does any know were I can find a complete drive unit (upper & lower units). I have found the part number for the lower unit, but cannot find the part number of the upper unit.

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    welcome aboard.

    you wont find much support in the US for Yamaha since they were sued for patent infringement.

    your best bet for a replacement is to unbolt everything yamaha and bolt in either mercruiser or volvo-penta. or hope to find two drives that come from fresh water boats that were meticulously maintained and the hull was crushed by a tree and someone held onto the drives.
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      Ayuh,...... Welcome Aboard,...... As Scott says, Yamaha's were only imported for 2 years, so there little to find,.....

      If anybody knows where to find what ya need, try Capt. Ken at Nelson Marine in Florida,.....


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        Thank you guys. If anyone has the part number of the upper unit it would be very helpful. My parts catalogue is missing assembly part number.
        Is a switch to a different make drive feasible or complex?


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          Is a switch to a different make drive feasible or complex?
          Ayuh,.... I guess it depends on just how Handy you are,.......

          You remove Everything Yamaha, 'n replace it with Everything Merc or Volvo,.....

          The most feasible way is to buy a rotten donor hull with the driveline you want, 'n swap Everything into yer hull,.....

          The hole in the transom matches Mercs, 'n later model Volvos,.....