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needing info on new to me 1976 Zee Craft boat with 454 BBC with Berkeley jet drive

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  • needing info on new to me 1976 Zee Craft boat with 454 BBC with Berkeley jet drive

    I have not run it yet, have a hose connection on it. It's got 2 hand valves to shut off water. After looking in to it they shut water off to water port in transom and to the water cooling pipes going to exhaust headers. Also there is like 2 inches total under the oil pan of the engine. I will get pictures of these added, soon.
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    Ayuh,.... So whatdaya wanta know,..??

    Is a Chevy motor,.... jet-motors sit pretty low, 'n usually use special oil pans because of such,...

    Berkeley builds 2 different pumps, a picture might Id yer's,...

    The hull is a hull, never heard of Zeecraft,....

    The water valves are to lower the pressure from the pump to the motor,...
    The exhaust gets little to no water at idle, only when Blastin' down the pond do they get water flow,...