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Raw Water Cooling

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  • Raw Water Cooling

    I just acquired a vessel with an inboard Chevy 305. While out of the water and hooked up to a garden hose, why would there be plenty of water exiting the port side of the exhaust but little to none exiting the starboard side? Just replaced the raw water impeller. I'm thinking the starboard riser might be bad or the volume of water supplied by the garden hose is not sufficient. Any suggestions as to what else might be the cause or what I should look at? Or is this normal?

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    In most cases its just the hose which causes it. So long as the motor is staying within parameters, and one side is not getting extremely hotter then the other I wouldn't worry about it
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      Ayuh,.... Just how the hull sits on the wagon, how the wagon is parked, 'n the angle from the wagon jack can All play into it,....

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