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Need engine wireing diagram for OMC

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  • Need engine wireing diagram for OMC

    Hi Posted this on the wrong forum before. But this is the right one now. Anyway I am trying to help a friend get his motor going. The motor is a 1985 OMC 4cyl 2.5L or the 2.3L. The problem is when the ign key is turn the engine turns over but don't start. But if you take this wire on the coil which there is 2 on one side one is purple&black and the other is purple &red well if you take the purple and red and hook it up direct to the battery + side then turn the key the engine turns over and fires right up and runs great. Now I am wondering where does that purple and black wire go to. In order to make the engine run and fire. Not far from it is a looks like a soleoniod. It has 3 hookups on it 2 large bolts one with a red and white and a large purple on one side and on the other is a yellow and red. And above in the middle is a smaller nut and bolt with a smaller gauge wire which color is yellow and red. The loose wire coming from the coil which is purple and black is the same gauge as the yellow and red. Now the smaller gauge wire Y/R is running down to the starter. So at this point I know I need a wireing diagram. If anyone can help Please. I told him he sooner or later has to get a manual. So if anyone out there has a wireing diagram can you please post or I will give you my email. I just like to getting running right for him right now. I have pictures but for some reason I tryed everthing they just won't load. But if anyone wants to see them I can send in a email. Again Thank You for reader my post. Ed

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    Re: Need engine wireing diagram for OMC

    The purple and red wire is a resitor wire from the output of the alternator, that is used to reduce the voltage going to the positive side of the coil so that the breaker points do not burn up. It is in parrallel with a purple and black wire from the starter so that when the starter is energized by the ignition switch via the yellow and red wire, the coil gets full voltage. After the motor starts, the ignition switch moves from crank to run and the purple and black wire is de-energized. If it runs with the purple and red connected to the battery but not the alternator I would check the connection at the alternator.

    Alternatively, I would convert the distributor to electronic ignition which does not use points and is less of a problem. If you have a stringer outdrive with an Electronic Shift Assist module, make sure to get the correct kit for the distributor that will interface with the ESA.

    A diagram is attached.
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      Re: Need engine wireing diagram for OMC

      Hi JD. I just want to say Thank You so much. That is excitely what I needed. Thank You again Ed


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        Re: Need engine wireing diagram for OMC

        While that is a nice wiring diagram, it's for a V8 engine with a Cobra outdrive. Notice there is only 3 solenoids, not 5 like you have.
        You have a completely different setup with your stringer drive.

        Here is the wiring diagram for what you have.

        Click image for larger version

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        Don S.

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          Re: Need engine wireing diagram for OMC

          Thanks Don,

          You are correct. I didn't have your 8cyl drawing, but the colors have helped me with some other issues on my 1985 5.7 L Stringer 800.

          Sure wish someone knew something about the Stringer Power Steering Assisted Trucourse system. Getting no views or replies on my earlier thread.


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            Re: Need engine wireing diagram for OMC

            Thanks Don. Thats great. On both of the wireing diagram's it shows that purple and black wire goes to the starter solonoid. That is what complets it. I gave my friend the info I just hope hs don't mess it up. Belive me. I will be going there later just to make sure. Thank you guys so much. This is just the reason I love this site. Boaters helping boaters