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96 OMC Cobra 5.8l losses Rpm and dies

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  • 96 OMC Cobra 5.8l losses Rpm and dies

    Have a 96 Sunbird 200LE with 5.8l OMC Cobra EFI
    Model: 58FAPHUB

    Boat has been running great for years. Perform regular maintenance always. Has fresh Plugs, wires, Cap, Rotor and oil change. Boat has been running great all summer. We’re out today on the lake and right after we came off a wave nothing to crazy the engine died. Fired back up but would hunt or jump around in RPM while throttling up. Let out. Sat for a minute and it just died again at idle. Started back up. Checked some some grounds and ignition wiring and fired back up. Ran fine rest of the day.
    started today and died twice at the dock including a few time I tried to start the fuel pump would not come on. Hit breakers wait 5 or so mins hit key fuel pump primes n it starts. Changed fuel filter. Started right up n went out. Ran great all the way up to 5k RPM. Cruises along at 3200 then hit a little set off wake waves n it died again. Started back up and idled back. Died after 10 mins n pump would come on hit the breaker couldn’t tell if it was tripped or not but hit the key after n it fired up. Throttled down and ran the rest of the way in at 3500-4000 rpm to the dock. Never had this issue before

    on some occasions the engine will loose rpm at 3000 and fall to 2700 and I’ll have to throttle up to 3100 n it will run along fine all the way up to 5k rpm. thanks for the Help