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Symptoms of ESA Shift Switch closed 100% of time?

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  • Symptoms of ESA Shift Switch closed 100% of time?

    I finally got the 1990 OMC 2.3L Cobra running fairly well this season and have had it out a dozen times with OK performance, but not top. With all fuel and ignition components replaced she runs great under moderate throttle up to 3200 RPM (28-29mph). If I push it further, she doesn't gain any RPM or speed despite the engine tone clearly indicating a wider open throttle body. It also has an unpredictable idle, it's either dead on 600 or 1000RPM, almost like it wasn't returning back to position all the way, despite visually confirming.

    I tested the ESA Shift interrupter switch today and found that it reads 0 Ohms (switch activated) 100% of the time. Would this be causing my engine to be running sluggish and losing top speed? Also potentially screwing with my inconsistent idle?

    What are the symptoms of a 100% activated switch? I ordered a replacement today.

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    I have a different year (stringer with the esa setup, concept wise very similar) so this may not help a ton , but if my switch gets anything longer than the slightest tap of the switch it kills the engine.

    I would have to believe there is no way you're getting any spark if that's switch is closed.
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