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1985 omc 3.0 Prop not turning

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  • 1985 omc 3.0 Prop not turning

    Got a 17 foot rinker with the omc 3.0. I’ve had my boat out about a dozen times so far this summer. Yesterday took it to the lake cruised around for about 10 minutes then went back to the dock to grab some things. On the way back out to the sandbar I was going idle speed and all of a sudden the engine revved pretty high and we stopped moving. After checking it out, having the shifter in gear the prop would turn a little bit then it would get pretty hard to turn but not real hard. Not sure exactly what is going on. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Ayuh,..... Welcome Aboard,..... 1985,..?? A stringer 400 drive,..??


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      Yep. It’s the 400.


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        pull the drive apart..... 99% probability that the vertical driveshaft splines went. this will happen on all stringers. you most likely need the top two pieces, rare to need all 3 pieces of the vertical shaft. you will need a bunch of custom tools and shims to and a factory service manual to put everything back together.

        the other possibility is you broke the worlds most expensive shift cable. the lower shift cable is $750
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