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Omc block enterchange

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  • Omc block enterchange

    I'm considering buying a 1989 bayliner 2455 that has a 351 with low compression. I found a nice rebuilt 302 block 80's vintage without heads. What's the chance of the heads off the 351 and everything else would bolt up the same?
    1996 Scarab 26 - 496ho

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    The heads should fit along with the exhaust manifolds. A 302 with the 351 cam and 4 barrel is good for at least 200 hp. If the 302 block is a roller cam engine then you should get an after market cam. Some brackets from the 351 may not fit the 302 because of the deck height. You will need the 302 flywheel and harmonic balancer along with the 302 distributor.
    I would rather rebuild the 351.
    Kenner, Louisiana 1980 Donzi 18'. 2+3 6.2 MPI Alpha 1