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Cheapest Way to Get My boat in the water (4.3L)

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  • Cheapest Way to Get My boat in the water (4.3L)

    So the motor seized from water getting in the engine. I have videos of pulling it apart down to the block, the whole engine has rust spots from the saltwater/water in the engine on the crank and on the cylinder walls. My question is I want to send the block out to the machine shop and rebuild the engine from top to bottom without spending too much. Funny I hear ya! So I'm trying to find the cheapest quality parts to rebuild this engine and I would like to use this but not sure if the block is salvageable but also don't want to spend almost $1000 at just the block being reconditioned. (1987 OMC 4.3l standard rotation W/O Balance shaft) I found an engine around $1700-$1999 no core charge already done with a two-year warranty. So if the machine shop is gonna run me around $1000 then with all the work I see no point in rebuilding the engine if it's around the same price unless if you guys can help me find the cheapest way to redo this engine. I'm calling a machine shop Monday to see how much for the block and possibly heads compared to new ones.
    So far I found A set of Heads re-done with valves at $310. https://www.ebay.com/i/273939593892?...iABEgL-VvD_BwE

    Rebuild kit -https://www.ebay.com/itm/Master-Engi...wAAOSwaLxe7W1J

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    Ayuh,....... Welcome Aboard,..... Buy a long block,.... drop it in,..... Go Boating,.....


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      I would deal with a local machine shop who will be there to provide some warrantee service before I bought a set of unknown quality heads off of ebay. In fact that's what I did when I did my top end overhaul, yes they cost more than what you quoted there ($550) but the important thing is that the heads were as expected and fit and worked perfect.
      Second, unless you know for sure I'd try to determine just how salt water got into the engine in the first place. If a blown HG, well that's one thing, all that will be new with a reman engine but if its from the exhaust and you're thinking of saving money by using the old exhaust, well DON'T. Especially because some have had trouble with the batwing one piece exhaust systems used by both OMC and Merc on the V6s. I had them on mine, 3 sets over 15+ years of salt water use and never had a leak but that's replacing them before failure. You will wind up having to change the exhaust over to the 2 piece late OMC/Volvo style which is what I did as part of the top end overhaul. In addition, you should be checking the condition of the exhaust Y pipe, transom mount, etc when you have the engine out. Or else the boat will wind up causing more grief than pleasure....
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        You should be able to find a rebuilt block with heads and warranty for about $1800.
        Just get that and go boating.
        Swap the exhaust heads if yours are unknown.


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          Get a low mileage 4.3 from a truck. You only need the long block, so, $300 for this

          Buy a new set of marine gaskets $125 and a brass set of core plugs for $11

          if you get a 1996 or newer motor, you need to buy a new intake

          Transfer your accessories over

          Buy a new set of marine manifolds to replace your motor killing batwings

          You are now into it for about $2k

          Or find a newer rotten boat with a Mercruiser or a Volvo Penta (something from the mid 90s) for about $1500 and simply swap over the whole driveline into your boat and replace all the OMG stuff, then sell your OMG parts
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