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Outdrive Gearbox Leaking Oil

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  • Outdrive Gearbox Leaking Oil

    I am looking into buying a boat and I have my eye on a 1980 Sea Swirl Cuddy Cabin 19' Polaris. The owner says everything is good except it has a leaking seal in the upper gearbox(of the outdrive) that leaks into the water intake. He says the seal kit is $50 but a pain to get to. Does anyone have any experience working on one of these? How difficult would it be for an amateur DIY mechanic, or how much for a pro to repair it? Thanks!
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    That is an OMC stringer.

    I wouldn't buy it because OMC went out of business last centry, and parts support is dwindling, and finding someone to work on it will be difficult

    Unless you have a shop full of tools (press, dial indicators, etc), its not an average DIY type drive
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      Tough drive for a boating newbie. Like Scott said, it's an antique/obsolete drive system. You can keep 'em going, but some parts are getting harder to find, and many shops won't work on them. The more you get into the gears boxes, the more you need special tools.

      I'd look for something else.


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        How difficult would it be for an amateur DIY mechanic, or how much for a pro to repair it? Thanks!
        Ayuh,...... Welcome Aboard,....... With an ole Stringer drive, it's Dyi, or the scrapyard,......

        Odds are slim to none that you'll find anybody that'll work on it,.......

        You should be lookin' for a 1980 or newer Merc or Volvo powered boat, preferably with Chevy power,.....


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          Thanks for all the input. I guess I'll have to keep looking. I guess this is why all these boats are so inexpensive. Im really looking for an inexpensive fun boat for a family of four that can go crabbing in the Oregon bays, and run on the willamette river.