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1981 reken i/o new owner

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  • 1981 reken i/o new owner

    so when i was five years old i wanted own a boat. i am ex navy honorably discharged. the boat is a s old as i am and i bought it for very cheap. its missing the helm and cables i dont know if it runs. so i am at the point of i can give the title back to the organelle owner or i can keep it. there is a lot of work to be done. so my question is i suppose do i keep her and work on her or is it not worth the time and expense. need help here.....

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    so far i was told to run away from it by a boat mchanic because there are so many variables to consider. on the flip side of that i have a friend who says how hard can it be...


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      very hard. a lot of parts are NLA and no mechanics want to work on those. give the title back, PLEASE....
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        Ayuh,..... Welcome Aboard,.... Listen to Lou,....

        If you wanta become a Boater,.... Don't buy an OMC,..... Mercruiser, or Volvo are better bets,.....

        OMC has been outa business for decades now,.....


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          thank you guys. ill give the title back. just needed a little reassurance.