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    I wish I still had a shaft laying around to send you, but I've gotten rid of the few junkers I still had around. Maybe kenny nunez knows?


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      I know that a lot of the driveshafts have the part number engraved on them, intermediate shaft , vertical in the lower, prop shaft, etc.

      Taking yours apart may be the only way to confirm
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        Thanks guys. I had already taken it apart. Scanned the parts for numbers but dont see anything. Maybe i would after pulling the gear etc from the upper shaft. I did more research. I can confirm mine does have selectrim. So my model will be 990232. 990232 is selectrim. 990231 is manual. See attached pics. I still do not know what the A11 or M suffix is. But its apparently nothing to do with the trim. The M suffix part is cheaper. I think im just going to have to buy it and find out. frustrating. If it wasnt the difference between 170 and 400 dollars i wouldnt be so worried. Thanks all for for help.


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          The water pump shaft #909753 0r Sierra # 18-2185
          The pinion or upper shaft # 909121 or Sierra #18-2183
          The seal kit #982949 or Sierra #18-2667
          The lock nut #907866 or Sierra # 18-3731-9
          To replace the shaft in the pinion housing takes some special tools. I still have them. If you send me the pinion housing I will rebuild the housing and mount the water pump for no charge and parts at my cost plus freight.
          Kenner, Louisiana 1980 Donzi 18'. 2+3 6.2 MPI Alpha 1