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1988 OMC 4.3 Oil Cooler Part Number

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  • 1988 OMC 4.3 Oil Cooler Part Number

    Just boat the boat. Noticed water in power steering reservoir. Just going to drain and replace oil cooler as that seems to be the usual culprit for this. Anyone have the correct part number? Is it 983849? Thank you. Any tips or suggestions on this replacement? I don't know a whole lot about OMC's, but this shouldn't be that big of a deal to swap. Thank you.

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    Just going to drain and replace oil cooler as that seems to be the usual culprit for this.
    Ayuh,.... Why not pull it, pressure test it, 'n solder the leak closed,...

    Not alota differences in P/S coolers,...

    3/8" oil lines, 'n I believe 1" water lines,...


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      The OMC part # says NLA, but Volvo used a similar cooler, I think same size hoses (3/4" ID), see part # 17 here, $217, but I'd do as Bondo said, see if you can get yours repaired and pressure tested. Not much to those coolers. And once fixed or replaced make sure to always drain that water hose when you winterize.

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        any radiator shop will charge $35 to repair by doing exactly what Bondo stated.

        your oil cooler is nothing more than a bundle of 1/4" copper tubing within a 2" copper tube with some stamped copper tube sheets....and a bit of soldering or brazing from the factory.
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