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OMC Cobra 5.0 engine cranks but does not start!!!!

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  • OMC Cobra 5.0 engine cranks but does not start!!!!

    TL;DR -- A strap wrapped around my prop, stalling my motor. Took strap off, started motor, turned motor off, then tried to start but it only cranked (once or twice). I replaced the starter solenoid, but still the same issue.

    Last week a boat cover strap wrapped around my propeller and caused my engine to shut off. (I didn't know the cause at the time) I had to get towed back to the dock. When I lifted the boat out of the water I saw the strap and unwrapped it off. I then put the boat back in the water and started her up. Started fine. After cruising for 5 minutes, I turned the boat off so my tubers can get in the water. When I went to turn it back on, nothing. Almost as if the battery was dead. It only cranked once or twice and it was so laggy. It never turned over (started). I'm not a mechanic or a boat expert by any means, but I did some research and forums said that it could be the starter solenoid. So I replaced that but still the same issue.

    Does anyone have any ideas????????

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    Did you have your battery load tested and the connections checked for being tight and CLEAN ???


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      Initially I thought it was my battery so I had it replaced. I checked the connections to my best ability and everything was snugg and tight.