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does the OMC impeller housing supposed to look bent or must it be perfectly round?

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  • does the OMC impeller housing supposed to look bent or must it be perfectly round?

    Im looking at installing a new impeller, the outdrive im working on doesnt look like its seen any wear, all metal surfaces are smooth with no gouges.. I noticed on this one and many online pics the OMC metal cage with grooves that the impeller sits in have bulging shoulders where there is not supprt from the housing, I thought these would be round?

    Is this to grab more water or what?

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    The housing is offset from the centerline of the shaft so it will pump water at low speeds. Old impellers always have curled vanes from the narrow side of the housing.

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      post a pic

      as GA indicated, the impeller rides off-center in the water pump casting. however if you question it, replace the whole pump and not just the impeller. the whole kit is just a bit over $50
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        thanks - yes ok.. Ordered a kit and shes running great- not even making it past 140 at most..