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Fuel meter/ computer installation

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  • Fuel meter/ computer installation

    I am thinking about installing a NavMan Fish Finder with the Fuel management module. I have a couple of questions about the Fuel supply for a 90HP 2002 Mecury Classic.1. I think I read some where that I should not run this motor from a portable fuel tank. Is this True? If not why not. To callibrate the fuel meter NavMan says to use a known size tank of about 4 gallons. I would like to also use this as a backup tank. (25' poonton with 24 gallon tank) 2. I need to install a filter before the flow sensor, does it go before or after the primer bulb?3. Does the filter need to be mounted or can I just put a inline filter?4. Any I missing anything I need to consider before I start this project?

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    Re: Fuel meter/ computer installation

    Hello, I can't think of any logical reason why can't run your outboard from a portable tank.Maybe the fuel needs to be pre-filtered?Check your owners manual or ask a Merc dealer on this.You may have a hard time finding a 4 gal.tank.Six gal.tanks are more common.As far as your second question....If you install a mounted/permanent filter(such as a Racor),the filter would be before the primer bulb.If you were to install an inline filter,it can go after the primer bulb....I highly recommend installing the Racor filter.It is about the size of a large auto oil filter.The metal mounting "base" is installed on a vertical surface.The filter is metal w/a plastic bowl on the bottom.The translucent(blue) bowl has a drain plug on bottom and allows visual inspection..This filter seperates any water as well as filter the fuel.Installing this filter now will possibly prevent future carb/fuel problems."You will be glad you did. (In-line filters are not as good)West Marine carrys all you'll need....You may need fuel line/clamps..NOTE:When working around gasoline,take all precautions.Turn Off power/No smoking/No sparks.