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How Many Hours Is A Lot?

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  • How Many Hours Is A Lot?

    Hi Everyone,

    New to powerboats here and I wondered how many hours is a lot of hours for an outboard motor? Specifically, we are looking at a GW Tournament 225 that sports a Yamaha 225 (4 stroke I think) that has 175 hrs. It doesn't sound like a lot but I have no point of reference except for my 1982 Cape Dory sailboat that still has the original diesel engine with 1100+hrs...and that's just starting to break it in


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    Re: How Many Hours Is A Lot?

    Lowkee say: "To outboard run with no oil, one hour is lifetime"

    Inspect all engines closely, check compression and ignore the hour meter.
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      Re: How Many Hours Is A Lot?

      Over about 1500 is a lot of hours for an outboard.


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        Re: How Many Hours Is A Lot?

        My 1989 200 Merc 2 stroke lasted me for almost 20 years, depends on how they are treated and used. No oil, no life.


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          Re: How Many Hours Is A Lot?

          Originally posted by JB View Post
          Over about 1500 is a lot of hours for an outboard.
          As JB said, IF it was maintained properly 1500 hours is alot but usually the engine will not be wore out at that point. We have an 82' Evinrude 115 V4 in the family that has over 3000 hours on thats low on power and needs an overhaul due to low compression but it still runs once it starts. There is a Mercury 50hp 4 stroke that just cracked the 1500 hour mark also on my Grandpa's 28' work pontoon/barge and it still runs like with like new compression.
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            Re: How Many Hours Is A Lot?

            To put things into perspective, I put 134 hours on my motor this past April alone. Average right around 200 hours a year.

            The 4 stroke has a much longer life expectancy than a 2 stroke. A 4 stroke is just getting broke in at 1K hours. I personally know 2 guys that have well over 2K hours on F225.


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              Re: How Many Hours Is A Lot?


              Thanks for the responses. To summarize - compression and lube is everything. Get the motor checked out thoroughly and decide then.