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Convert short shaft Evinrude to long shaft?

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  • Convert short shaft Evinrude to long shaft?

    How difficult or expensive should it be to convert a 72 Evinrude 25Hp tiller with a short shaft to a long shaft. I want to use it on a 16' deep V alum. With the motor on it only the very tip of the skeg is below the boat right now and would never work. Or would it be better to find an adapter bracket or jackplate that would mount it low enough without interfering with the tiller handle? I am sure many more knowledgable people have done something similar.
    Any suggestions appreciated....

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    Re: Convert short shaft Evinrude to long shaft?

    If you can find a long shaft version as a donor, then it's not that big a deal. However, if you have to buy the parts, you'd be better off selling your short shaft and buying a long shaft. Or, just advertise for a swap on the boat section of your local Craigs List. Lots of folks with a long shaft on a short transom who'd love to make the trade.

    Sure...go ahead and laugh at my old aluminum boat. It's paid for!


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      Re: Convert short shaft Evinrude to long shaft?

      Difficulty-wise, it is the same job as a water pump replacement.