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1990 Force 150HP and synthetic oil

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  • 1990 Force 150HP and synthetic oil

    I've read past posts about synthetic oil and I'm left confused. Will a blend or 100% synthetic oil do harm to my Force 150?

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    Re: 1990 Force 150HP and synthetic oil

    No.All the rantings on the petroleum/synthetic debate are over which is best, which seems to be a matter of opinion and contradicting "facts" by the two sides.
    Use a NMMA rated TC-W3 oil, either petrol based or synthetic. That is all that is needed for your Force.
    Whatever oil you use, you should decarb annually according to your owners manual. Decarb Process
    Medford, WI


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      Re: 1990 Force 150HP and synthetic oil

      Probably not, Mac.See the article on oil type in the FAQ section.Moving to General Outboard.


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        Re: 1990 Force 150HP and synthetic oil

        Absolutly not. Go ahead and go with the full synthetic, say Pennzoil, its TC-W3 certified, You will notice the difference. I would reccomend a complete decarb first, Then run it a few minutes on the lake to clean it out good, change plugs and make the switch to synthetic.I know that there are maybe a couple people here on the forum that say they tried synthetic and didnt like it, but for every one that didnt, there are dozens that love it and will never go back, Just those odds would prove the effectiveness of the oil to me if I wasnt completly sold allready!People say I only want to sell oil, well, did I ask you to buy my product? No, I want you to use a full synthetic in your outboard because you are going to get better all around performance out of it. Try it, youll like it, and then come back and tell everyone about it. If you didnt like it, come back and say why, Im a big boy, I can take it.