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2013 Mercury 150hp tilt support

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  • 2013 Mercury 150hp tilt support

    Hello. I’m confused on how to get the tilt support to engage on my outboard motor. It looks simple,but it doesn’t trim up high enough to latch. Or at least that’s what it appears. Any knowledge from you guys would be much appreciated.

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    Welcome to Iboats,

    Probably the electric motor is not rising fully the tilt mechanism to lock in place, check the hydraulic fluid level and condition or better change it for fresh being a 7 year old motor.

    Happy Boating

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      Ok thank you


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        If your trim fluid is low, certainly you need to add fluid to the proper level.

        If your trim fluid is milky (water intrusion), then certainly you need to replace the fluid AFTER you find and repair the leak.

        Under normal circumstances, the trim fluid should last the life of the motor and never need changing.

        Regardless, the tilt support is a dumb part. If you want to do right without harming the equipment, buy a "m-y wedge" or a "transom saver".
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          Interesting you bring this up. My 2016 doesn’t trim or trailer high enough to engage the latch either. But if it did...it would hit the moulding of the outboard well for sure. I just presumed that the guys that fitted the engine (engine was replaced and much newer than boat), messed with the trim limit switch to prevent it hitting the boat.