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Best Used Boat Engine?

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  • Best Used Boat Engine?

    I have a 1983 16ft bowrider and I am looking for opinions on some of the repowering options I have. It is rated for up to a 115hp outboard.

    1) Currently has an 83' Chrysler 85hp

    I've seen a couple ads for
    1) Mid 90s Johnson Gt100
    2) 86' Mercury 115hp
    3) Envinrude 88 SPL

    Any opinions on those repowering options? Or should I just stick it out with the Chrysler?

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    OMC is going to be the cheapest and most reliable when your dealing with slightly older stuff

    Keep in mind an 88 SPL is really 90hp and if you can get it for a good deal, it would almost be better than a GT100 as it has no VRO system..

    Now an '83 Bowrider with a Chrysler is a Bayliner? I'm guessing. Make sure the boat is worth the repower ( or safe operation at all ) before going forward.. If the Chrysler still runs good theres really no reason to go for different power unless you want faster
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      For me, it would be a good merc or Yamaha 2 stroke. But for a good Yamaha 2 stroke...you will plenty. For good reason too.
      whatever way you go..a compression check is rule number one for sure. If you are lucky enough and really love the boat...you won’t go wrong with a Yamaha 90 hp...but they command strong money. Even better would be the Yamaha V4 115...but they are so rare on the market and also silly expensive too.


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        OK, 1 vote for Johnny, 1 vote for Yammie. I will vote for Merkie.

        A 115 inline 6 is too old, these days, but a good motor in it day. A 90's Merc is a fine motor. The inline 4 comes in 115HP.

        I do agree with poster 1, check out the boat for condition. If shaky, stick with the Chrysler and practice cheapness.


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          Thanks for the responses!

          The boat is an 83' Renken, so not the highest quality boat, but it's in fine condition. I have seen quite a few love it/hate it posts about Chryslers/Force engines, so I am just trying to see if it is worth repowering to something slightly newer and less troublesome given that the Chrysler is an 83'. I didn't realize about the VRO system on the GT100, so that seems like it might be pretty annoying long term.


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            Either of the OMC motors would be fine. The VRO is easily disconnected do not let that deter you. A 90 yamaha will be equivalent to your 85 hp chrysler.The 85 hp force/chrysler back in the day was the fastest 85 you could buy. That was until prop ratings came in. Your 85 hp is a fine motor that with good care will last quite a while.


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              I'd suggest keep looking for another motor unless you boat in rivers or busy lakes,
              The Chrysler will let you down eventually,
              it's also the oldest one on your list, l think

              Son just bought a 17.5 ft cuddy cabin with a ' 96 115 2 stroke Fast Strike Johno,
              Does around 35 kts, depending on load and conditions

              Seems like a good budget motor etc