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Converting 2003 suzuki DF25 to DF30

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  • Converting 2003 suzuki DF25 to DF30

    I was told that the specs for a DF25 is the same as a DF30 and to increase HP I would require a new CDI unit. Is there anything else that I would need in order to increase HP?

    Best, Dan

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    What specs? Several different HPs can share the same Bore and Stroke, but that doesn’t mean a lower HP can be converted to higher HP cheaply. 5 hp is only about 1 mph faster top speed

    what you need to do us a Line by Line comparison of both engines parts list. Then and only then will you know what is different.


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      Is that a 2 or 4 strokes motor ? If both shares same CC powerhead it's a matter of checking both model's spare parts to find out which parts are common to both models and which needs to be swapped for new 30 HP parts for a correct upgrade.

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