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  • Bilge Blower

    So I've had 3 I/Os over the years, all of them aluminum FWIW. One of the 3 boats had a nice quiet bilge blower. The other two including my current boat, it sounds like the blower is going to vibrate apart.

    Is there anything like a higher quality bilge blower? If so could someone recommend one?

    I appreciate any info.

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    I was in the same position about a year and half ago, and I never found a 'top of the line' blower. Most of them look like what I bought (a 'Seaflo'), down to identical plastic housings and identical specs for CFM, motor, etc. I assume there are one or two companies that make most of them and the units just get rebranded.

    Anyway, the Seaflo unit I bought isn't whisper quiet, but it is substantially better than the one it replaced. I'd give it a qualified recommendation.
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      I cant hear my blower over the "Potato Potato Potato" of my exhaust. my last batch of blowers came from Worst Marine as I needed them on a sunday. same as the attwood I replaced.
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        Not sure you can find one real quite, they need to move a lot of air. My Formula also has Seaflow

        I run them till the motor is running, then I turn it off
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          How is it mounted? Might be turning the fiberglass into a resonator if it is solid mounted. Try some rubber isolator bushings when you mount it.


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            The transom of my boat is aluminum outside with a big thick piece of marine ply on the inside. The blower is mounted to the plywood, but I'm sure the aluminum of the boat resonates the sound.

            On a different boat I could here the air blowing noise, no vibration. I was totally fine with that. This boat, I can hardly hear the air blowing but boy oh boy that sucker has a vibration to it, , or something.

            I thought about finding some vibration isolating mounts, but there's got to be some blower somewhere that is just quiet all by itself.


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              I would try to put some of that do it yourself gasket material under the blower mounts. The only blower of the type you find on small boats I have heard of that is rated for continuous duty is the Sureflo Yellow Tail.
              Note continuous duty rating:

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                Most high quality boats use a squirrel cage blower because they last longer and are quite a bit quieter.
                I have converted a few boats for customers that feel safer running the blower at all times and don’t like the limited life span and noise of an in-line blower that most smaller boats come with.
                If you search a little, they can be found that accepts a hose on both ends.
                Good Luck Muc


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                  Here is the ones I used. Happy customers. But they had much more money then me.

                  I’m a fan of lifting the engine cover and smelling.
                  Good Luck Muc


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                    Say now, I like those squirrel cage fans!! I'll have to give one of those some serious thought.

                    I don't run the fan 100% of the time, especially when on plane. At idle speeds I cycle it on and off, but man it's still annoying.

                    Thanks for all the tips!