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Mercury 5.0

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  • Mercury 5.0

    Looking to get a used boat that has an I/O mercury 5.0 . I'm not sure how many hours are on the engine. Its a 2006. What should I be on the look out for? What questions to ask the current owner? Thanks

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    That is a pretty broad question. Is there a concern about the engine? Tell us more about the boat.

    The things to inspect are pretty much the same for any I/O engine.

    Outdrive - corrosion
    Bellows - cracking/holes
    Gear Oil - clean or milky, water present?
    Engine (they are GM engines) so the 5.0 is the GM 305 V8
    Exhaust manifold and elbow gasket area - are there signs of leakage around the gasket
    Any leaks while running
    Sea/lake test - does the engine reach it's spec'd RPM at WOT and does the boat go the speed that it should
    Compression test - are all of the cylinders within an acceptable range.
    Oil condition - before/after running on the lake/sea trial - clean, dark, . . . milky?
    Carburetor or Fuel injected? MPI or EFI?
    Engine temperature
    Oil pressure
    Does the engine have 'open' cooling or 'closed' cooling (Heat Exchanger)
    Exhaust system leakage?

    Then there is a whole bunch of stuff for the boat. There are checklists that you can reference in the 'stickies' at the top of the forums.
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      here is the link in the sticky http://forums.iboats.com/forum/gener...er-s-checklist

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        I've bought two boats in the past and both had rotten transoms that needed to be replaced, felt kinda dumb the second time. Definitely check that and the floors etc.
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          Thanks. I'll read through the stickies. I don't really have any concerns other than this in my first I/O boat. I've been reading as much as I can and the boat overall looks to be in good condition just needs some cleaning.


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