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How much should bellows change cost? Central CA

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  • How much should bellows change cost? Central CA

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    Could be their rate for installing someone else's parts . . . Not sure, but if you called around again and asked the same question leaving out the aspect about having your own parts, and get a 'parts & labor' price, that may tell the story.
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      If you've called 10 shops and all gave the same answer...........well.......that's your answer.

      Around here (Chicago north subrubs). Bellows and gimbal bearings go together as a job for most shops. It's usually $600-800 for the whole job parts and labor. So im my opionon that's a little high.

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        $600-700 for bellows and gimble bearing with alignment down here in FL. total kit is $150 and about 3-4 hours of your time.
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          Ayuh,..... P a y for Labor,..??..??......

          Changin' out the bellows, without doin' the shift cable or gimbel bearin', is probably a 4 to 8 hour job, dependin' on the condition of the drive when ya start,....

          Doin' the job Right, with the shift cable, 'n bearin', I figure an 8 hour day, possibly more, again dependin' on the condition of the drive,....

          Some days it's alot shorter,....
          Other days are 2 days long,....


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            Yep, have the job done properly. Replacing one bellows is a small part of the entire job that should be done. Depending on your set up, replace the driveshaft and exhaust bellows, shift cable, check/replace gimbal bearing, do an engine alignment and you might as well round it out and have them replace the sea water pump as well. That way you know everything has been checked and you are for most part 100% good to go.

            I have a Mercruiser/Alpha one Gen II set up. I had all that work done, all parts were OEM Mercruiser parts per my wish, I was out the door for just under $900.00. Oh, and they had to replace one engine mounts as one was seized. In Minnesota. . . .

            Man it really feels good knowing all that stuff is new/properly adjusted and ready to go.


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              Good info to know here!! im looking to get this done in the off season and 600 would be nice.... would love to be able to do this myself but i dont have the space.

              When asking to replace the bellows should i tell the shop to check the gimbal, do an alignment or is that Standard operating procedure? why replace the shift cable? is that something that needs to be replaced every other year?


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                why replace the shift cable? is that something that needs to be replaced every other year?
                Ayuh,.... Like the bellows, the cable has an expected service life of 5 to 8 years,....

                If the bellows are bad, the lower cable is close to dead too,....