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72 Merc 65 hp questions

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  • 72 Merc 65 hp questions


    I ran my new "old" motor in my driveway to mess around with the idle and cable adjustments. The motor started right up after I manually choked it and it seems to be a pretty smooth running motor. Much to my surprise I noticed some water weeping around the 2nd and 3rd cyl spark plug indent area. At first I thought it was coming from the spark plug threaded hole area but no, the spark plugs were in tight and this weeping is coming from somewhere else. Maybe I have a leak in the head gasket?? Hopefully someone can help me with this situation. I do not know how serious this is for the motor.

    Could someone recommend a reasonably priced tech I could use with this 3 cyl motor? It seems like most techs can be set up for 2,4,6,and 8 cyl motors. I would like a 2" diam if they are available.

    Lastly I would assume the black button on my control is for the choke solenoid. The choke does not work from the controller and I was hoping someone might help me get that operational.

    I would like to test out my new motor next weekend so I have some time to work out the kinks.

    Thank you to who ever responds in advance. You fellas are all very helpful.


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    Re: 72 Merc 65 hp questions

    as long as the spark plugs are not wet internally run the motor till you learn more it may just be a simple gasket. there is no head gasket but a water jacket gasket