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Mercury 210HP M2 JetDrive Oil Pump Failure

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  • Mercury 210HP M2 JetDrive Oil Pump Failure

    Hi so i'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but it is a mercruiser drive so I'm sticking with it haha. My aunt has a 2000 seadoo challenger 1800 with the 210Hp M2 jet drive, and recently the oil pump decided to quit. According to the mechanic the oil pump seized but their was still oil in the line, and he also said that one of the cylinders had loss compression. He didn't elaborate much more on that, my question is what kind of damage could have been caused internally by that pump failing? The motor in its current state does turn over, but it won't start, so the engine isn't seized. The mechanic wanted to just pull and replace the whole motor, but is that the best option? I'm just trying to get a little more information so i can proceed and make an informed decision. Please if you need more information don't hesitate to ask.

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    Re: Mercury 210HP M2 JetDrive Oil Pump Failure

    Moving to Mercury outboard forum. Your engine is an outboard powerhead on a jet pump, not a Mercruiser.
    Don S.

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      Re: Mercury 210HP M2 JetDrive Oil Pump Failure

      Plastic drive gear on the crank shreds.........Makes a mess.

      I just finished one for a customer..............It required welding and a sleeve. He managed to pull the wrist pin out of the piston and completely destroy one hole. Four other cylinders were damaged with the failure.

      I have also worked on oil injection failures that were minimal and only damaged one cyl.

      You gotta open it up to determine the extent of damage.

      Good luck


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        Re: Mercury 210HP M2 JetDrive Oil Pump Failure

        Sorry for posting in the wrong section, I was not quite sure how to classify that engine package. I'm hoping the damage is minimal, like I said the engine will crank over so it's not seized up which i think is a good sign. I am kind of limited to what I can do, but I am going to take a scope and check out each cylinder see if there is any extensive damage. You seem to know these boats pretty good, two questions. Are the cylinders sleeved or can you buy a sleeve to repair a damaged cylinder? I know you mentioned it. And also is this engine the same as what you would find in a mercury outboard, just tweaked to suit the application?