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Mariner 60 HP 1988 spark

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  • Mariner 60 HP 1988 spark

    Hi ,
    Well I have a 1988 Mariner outboard 60 HP 3 cylinder engine. What started happening was the engine would idle rough and would not get up on plane until the engine warmed up then you could hear and feel a cylinder spark plug try to spark on and off on then finally all cyliders would take off and run properly. Then after it sits awhile same thing happens.

    I found the #2 cylinder has no spark. changed plug wire same results. Where do I go from here. I am an electrician by trade so I have a fluke meter to test but have no outboard experience. If anyone can give me a few pointers I would greatly appreciate your kindness!
    Thank you,
    Kurt Anderson

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    Re: Mariner 60 HP 1988 spark

    Check your PMs