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high rpm at idle mercury 200 optimax

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  • high rpm at idle mercury 200 optimax

    Since yesterday I have a higher RPM at idle. It is a mercury optimax 200 from 2002 with 540 hours.
    You have to know that:
    • the engine was not running for 2 months
    • one of the two batteries was empty
    • it started immediately
    • after 10 seconds goes up from 650 rpm to 1150 rpm
    • engine is flushed with muffs
    • after giving more throttle and go back to neutral, the engine still runs at 1150 rpm

    Is it because the water pressure from the hose is not enough?
    Is it because one of the 2 batteries was empty?
    Is it something else?

    EDIT: on the smartcraft the sign TRIM with arrow blinks every 5 seconds...maybe this helps

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    Re: high rpm at idle mercury 200 optimax

    Anyone? what can it be?


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      Re: high rpm at idle mercury 200 optimax

      I have almost an identical problem.
      otherwise seems to be running fine.


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        Re: high rpm at idle mercury 200 optimax

        back to the top.
        Anyone have any thoughts?


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          Re: high rpm at idle mercury 200 optimax

          hello RIROCKHOUND,

          The problem is solved. A ground cable that leads to my metal fuel tank was the problem. The smartcraft computer made conflicts with that cable and so made bad signals from the engine sensors. By cutting the cable, the problem was over.
          So I suppose that also you have an electrical problem and no engine problem. Check the wires maybe?

          ciao and good luck