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Kiekhaefer Model Mark 28A Ser# 1200327

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  • Kiekhaefer Model Mark 28A Ser# 1200327

    I am restoring this old motor and I need some parts. I need the head cover gsk, a pull start reel assembly (the old unit very badly rusted up it might be salvaged) a repair manual would be helpful. What is the point setting .020? I understand it is a 1958 or 59 22HP engine. I may need some more parts, where is a sourse?Thanks, Ron Maire

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    Re: Kiekhaefer Model Mark 28A Ser# 1200327

    you can find a manual HERE You should be able to get parts HERE


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      Re: Kiekhaefer Model Mark 28A Ser# 1200327

      Hi Ron, The "A" in the model number makes it a 1959 model year. "A" stood for Anniversary year, with 1959 being Mercury's 20th anniversary. As for parts, there are many interchangeable parts for your motor. Recoil baskets from the Mark 28, Mark 10, Mark 15A, early (white) Merc 200s, etc. will fit. A little sleuthing at your local outboard shops might turn up a few of them. If you've got some of the original head water jacket gasket left, you can cut a new one easy enough. . As SL pointed out, OLDMERCS.com has a lot of good stuff for your vintage Merc...- Scott
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