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1988 Mercury v-135 v6 repair

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  • 1988 Mercury v-135 v6 repair

    So I got a free boat. Outboard taken apart. The drive shaft was seized and carrier bearing busted from someone trying to remove. I do have factory service manual
    i have ordered a used drive shaft, new carrier bearing, upper shaft tapered bearing and pinion needle bearing along with a seal kit.

    igot reverse gear out of old carrier, but now I need to press the gear out of bearing. I know how to operate a press but in order to press out the gear will need to face down, and the only way I can see to support the bearing and allow gear to move downward is to rest the shim on the plates and press away. Is that right? also is it easier to press new bearing onto gear, then both into carrier, or press bearing into carrier first then gear?

    i also ordered a new shim set for tapered bearing and looks like I will need to do some measuring and trial for the backlash?

    Currently my gear case is empty besides forward gear bearing race. I’m having a hard time getting the carrier lock but to start threading. The threads are gunked up but they look ok. Safe to use a hand held wire brush to clean up? I’m also trying to do it without the scanner tool. But I’m scared the housing might be paper weight if the threads are screwed up. Is this gear case interchangeable with any other models, like an alpha or anything? In case I just need a different gear case, have tons of alpha parts around my area but having a hard time finding this exact one without a model or anything

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    No the I/O cases wont work and you need to read the manual thoroughly before buying any more parts. These do not just slap together and you will need the special tools to measure the gear/pinion backlash. If the carrier froze and push out the threads are usually damaged. Need to see in a NEW carrier nut will screw into case an must have the spanner or make one to tighten it properly..hammer and punch wont get it.
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