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Mariner Outboard ID and parts question.

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  • Mariner Outboard ID and parts question.

    I have an 80’s 40 hp Mariner s/n 676B 411252 and it is misfiring pretty badly. I hate to come on here and ask this, but I’ve looked all over the internet and can’t seem to figure it out. Can anyone tell me the year of my motor and where to find and/or give me a part number, for a new coil pack? Thanks in advance. I’m a pretty novice boat owner.

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    A single coil with 2 plug wires ?---Orange and black wire.------Electronic ignition ?-----Any other trouble shooting done ?


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        I wrote all of this on the picture instead of the post... It ran OK last year, I kept it in a heated garage and use fuel stabilizer, so I think the gas is OK. I put 1 fresh gallon in it a few days ago.. Anyways, first time out this year was yesterday and it didn’t go smoothly. I got it started and putter around the lake for a bit. I switched to trolling for a while, then could not get the motor to fire again. Today, I pulled it into the driveway and put water muffs on it. It’s hard to start, and then once I do get it going, it idles really rough. When I put it in gear, it bogs way down. I touched the spark plug wires while it was running and got shocked through the insulation. That led me to pulling the spark plugs and finding that one is wet and the other is dark like it’s running rich. I’m not 100% sure the coil is my problem, but it seemed like a good start.


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          That coil appears to list for like $250 or so.----Does spark jump a gap of 3/8" ( 1 cm ) on both leads , yes or no ?-----Have you looked at the fuel pump ??----You know it could be a bad sparkplug.----Or a ruptured diaphragm in the fuel pump.----Trouble shooting needs to be done here.


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            Engine could be anywhere between 1978 and 1981. Mariner engines sold between 1974 ans 1986 were on features rather than year. That was just the way they were marketed. For finding spare parts, and diagrams, use that serial number...

            Click image for larger version

Name:	40B.JPG
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            The world takes on a whole new perspective when viewed from 100’ below.
            1972 Bertram ‘Bahia Mar’ 20
            2006 Mercruiser 4.3MPI (0W617679) w/Alpha One Gen II (0W829301)
            (Original - 1972 '165' In-line 6. Previous - 1994 4.3LX)


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              I could feel the spark coming off of the cable into my hand from probably 1/2-1 inch away, while the cable was attached to the spark plug. And, it was just the bottom cable that was doing that, the top cable did not shock me at all. I’m talking about just getting close to the cable, not the cap that snaps onto the spark plug. The spark plugs are brand new, so I don’t think one of them is bad.


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                If it’s late 70’s to early 80’s its a Yamaha engine, I’m sure.