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'91 9.9 kicker exhaust question

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  • '91 9.9 kicker exhaust question

    I've got a 91 9.9 Mercury kicker motor on my boat. Everything runs well with it, plugs look clean, actually easy to start.. but I do have a question.

    When I was running it last year on the river (rather use that than the electric motor), if I had even a bit of tail wind it seemed like the exhaust would just settle in the boat unless I was going fast enough to blow it out, which means I was going too fast for trolling. Not a pleasant experience (nor healthy for the kid).

    Is that just the way of things? Is there anything I can do to mitigate this? Given that it almost seems like I'd never use it because every other time I turn directions I'd have to shut it down and switch motors. Not the most efficient.

    Or is my best bet just getting a different motor?


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    I assume the motor is a 2 stroke.. If so you could look into trying a different oil.. Some claim to produce less smoke. I have changed oil for the same reason.