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1973 65 hp mercury water pump replacement..

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  • 1973 65 hp mercury water pump replacement..

    Any tips or advice before i start removing my lower unit to replace my waterpump kit,, what gear should it be in when i remove the unit ? also the shaft that locks the motor from jumping out of the water in reverse has not worked since ive owned it for 3 years is this something that can be fixed while the lower unit is off. thanks for any advice.

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    Welcome to IBoats,

    there's lot of information found in the "archive"
    Type in the search bar A key-word and you will find lots of info there

    as far as the reverse lock not working; it can be the "cam" (sitting over the shift-shaft) not positioned properly.
    or push-rod bent/missing

    below is a link for the part on your motor

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      Thanks very much for your information ,, still feeling my way through the web site, i will search the archive for more info , think ill be ok on the pump install, i would love to get this reverse thing fixed . my dad bought this motor new .he put a waterpump in many years ago and probly got something out of whack on the reverse rod , may need to get a sevice manual..


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        I assume this motor has been sitting for years judging by you saying the water pump has been replaced "many years ago"
        Change the oil in oil in the LU and check for contamination such as water / grey sludge

        A Manual is a good tool to own but in case of none; you tube does have lots of useful Video footage

        I don't think the previous link works, try this one;

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          OK thanks alot i will do that. yes the boat sat covered under shed for 10 years, i got it from my dad who bought it new changed oil in LU. got the motor running and water pump works ,, but i know it needs one . ive got the new pump kit on hand . my main concern is getting the reverse lock to work,, motor jumps out of water in reverse , i think it was put back togeather wrong years ago. whats a good service manual.


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            Thanks again...


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              A factory one, but they will be hard to find now.
              there are some generic ones on disk for sale on flea bay.
              below is a link that covers a lot of motors but if you search through it you can get the instruction you need.
              "Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill


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                While the lower unit is off for the water pump, check 2 things on the reverse lock.

                1) Orientation of the lower reverse lock cam. It fits over the splines on the shift shaft and can be off a spline or 2.
                2) Upper reverse lock cam. It fits into slots in the midsection housing.

                Some of that is covered in a manual.

                BTW - Welcome aboard, George.
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