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adding 2 cycle oil

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  • adding 2 cycle oil

    have (2) full 6 gal. tanks and want to add the oil in them now. should I just pour the oil in and shake the tanks or some how try and mix it as it goes in? just removed the vro system. want to make sure the gas is blended with the oil.

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    ad oil
    put tanks in truck
    drive down bumpy road fast enough to spill your coffee

    not sure why you removed the VRO, however its your motor
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      Add the oil now. It will mix completely after a bit of a shake.
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        I think part of the TWC3 specs calls for the oil to be completely mixed after 8? inversions (call it 10 to be safe) so a reasonable trip to the launch should do it.
        Best if you can add the oil before the fuel if you 'know' your tank and how much fuel you will be putting in.
        FYI I once forgot to add oil so I put it in at the dock while the motor was running and after taking off I only went a few Hundred Metres or so (fast) before the motor conked out full of oil, got it started eventually but it does show the oil is not as self mixing as many people say.
        I bet if you got a clear container of fuel and poured some oil in it would go straight to the bottom before starting to mix.


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          If the tanks are full, there isn't going to be much sloshing or movement in the tanks. Can you syphon about 1/2 the gas out of the tanks? Adding the oil to a half tank allows for better agitation, then return removed gas to the tank, with some additional shaking.
          As mentioned above, just pouring it with little or no agitation, the oil will pool on the bottom, resulting in a very rich mix at first, leaning out to very little oil when less than 1/4 tank.


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