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Merc switchbox : OEM VS aftermarket ?

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  • Merc switchbox : OEM VS aftermarket ?

    In general, what do you think about quality beetwin Merc VS aftermarket ?

    EX :For a old mid '80 's 20 hp 2 cylinder Switchbox :

    The OEM is 409,35 $ CDN
    CDI is 269,99 $ CDN
    Siera is 234,99 $ CDN

    My choice is probably the CDI

    For you, do you place CDI and Siera in the same level of quality ? Do you just use OEM ?

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    OEM as good as the Original Part, which of course failed.
    As for the other two. I don't think there is much difference, probably made in the same Asian plant.
    I always went OEM

    OEM aussi bon que la pièce d'origine, ce qui a bien sûr échoué.
    Quant aux deux autres. Je ne pense pas qu'il y ait beaucoup de différence, probablement faite dans la même plante asiatique.
    Je suis toujours allé OEM


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      There are some switch boxes that are showing up on ebay and amazon, really cheap knock offs.
      Some are around $50.

      Don't use them.

      Stick with cdi or sierra if not oem.
      Medford, WI


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        I put CDI on my old Mercury 3 years ago and the motor has run great


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          Serria 1st as best for quality/warranty....OEM 2nd and CDI last as their QC has fallen since outsourcing.
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