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no spark 1998 mercury 60/45 jet outboard

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  • no spark 1998 mercury 60/45 jet outboard

    hello, I had someone weld my boat and I did not know to disconnect the wiring harness. while welding it back fed through the ground . it melted the insulation off the ground from the wiring harness to the control box. it does not appear to have melted into any other wires, just the insulation on them. also on the motor, it melted the waterproof connections on the stator and where the stator connects to the voltage regulator. I believe two of the wires ( yellow ) did melt enough to make contact. I have no spark. the kill switch seems to be working. I tried disconnecting the wiring harness and jump start it off the solenoid, still no spark. I down loaded a manual that is suppose to be for my motor, but I don't think it is for mine because the wiring colors are different on the stator. I don't know what ohms reading should be on anything or if I should have continuity on anything. I would be grateful for some help. thank you
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    The yellow wires are charging voltage for you rectifier/regulator module. Have nothing to do with the trigger pickup coils.

    On a 1998 the larger engine (75 and up) use these colors:

    Red is always power.
    Red/purple or Purple is power through the engine ignition switch in the ON or Start position only.
    Black is always power return, battery neg, ground ref at the engine block where the bat. neg connects.
    Black/yellow stripe is trigger kill, a ground from the ignition key in the OFF position.
    Yellow/black stripe is fuel enrichment solenoid power....choke if you will, from the control box when you push in on the key.
    Yellow is Stator AC power output to the voltage rectifier/regulator.

    Green/white stripe is one of the CDI power wires from the stator and goes to two of the 3 CDI modules on the 75/90 hp triple.
    White/green stripe is the other CDI power wire from the stator and goes to the 3rd CDI module. These two wires provide power to the CDI units from the Stator assy under the flywheel, independent of the battery charging coils whose output is on the two yellow wires. Voltage across wires when engine is running 2-8 volts on a DVA tester. DC resistance across leads 700 ohms +/- 100 more or less, temperature dependent (copper wire temp coefficient). There is no red wire to the CDIs for power.

    Brown is a trigger source wire from the trigger coils under the flywheel.
    White is return for the Brown trigger source. These 2 wires are the triggers to the CDIs coming from the 3 trigger coils located under the flywheel also but inside the flywheel 120* apart and driven by a single magnet on the inside of the flywheel.

    I think I deciphered that correctly from the manual.

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      www.cdielectronics.com has the testing procedures for your ignition. You probably fried something.