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1993 15 hp stator

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  • 1993 15 hp stator

    My nephew has a 2 wire stator on his 15hp... It has no spark and the testing we did points to the stator... It has 2 leads coming off the stator and in the parts diagram it shows 2 wires also... But the all the new stators have a 3rd black wire.. I assume the black wire is a ground... We saw some used ones with 2 wires but the new ones are 3 wires.. So is the 3rd black wire a ground? Thanks..

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      Thanks.. I do know that the a black wire is a ground in a lot of cases.. I was just wondering why the original diagrams show a 2 wire stator and the replacements have 3 wires.


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        Stators are induction coils floated off ground and fed to full wave bridge rectifiers which have a pair of their 4 rectifier diodes going to ground, developing the forward biased diode drop voltage off ground reference. The other pair feed the + output voltage to the load...regulator/battery if no regulator. If you ground the stator lead, you essentially bypass your bridge and it becomes a FW rectifier producing half the output voltage it would otherwise produce.

        My guess is that the ground is a chassis reference sort of thing for any systems having only 2 diodes in a FW configuration, or a system requiring a ground reference for noise purposes; not 4 diode Bridge Rectifier configuration. Use it if required, otherwise forget it.

        Easy test: Ohm it to the yellow leads. If what I say, you will not get continuity.
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