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2004 Mercury 250HP Optimax on 621VS Ranger Boat / Dogs out of hole, max speed 7mph.

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  • 2004 Mercury 250HP Optimax on 621VS Ranger Boat / Dogs out of hole, max speed 7mph.

    I have the above motor. Replaced the Coil Packs, Plugs, plug wires, power supply cable from motor to battery, Solenoid on engine block "power distribution block", Reeds, Air compressor and compressor reeds, Map Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor, cleaned the air and fuel injectors. The issue Im having is the boat wont get up on plane. At the first launch the boat will usually work as needed. As the day goes on or after start up the less likely the boat will work as needed. First Launch it will climb quickly to 52MPH, launches 9 out of 10 will not get up... 7mph max. Ive had this to countless techs and all are scratching their head and I'm paying them to not fix my boat... It has plenty of fuel and air mix in the right mixture. In May and early June I had no issues, as the season went on the worse it got. The motor has 110lbs of compression on each cylinder, I use only premium fuel, I've ran 5 tanks of fuel through it all season "wish it was more", and I/we are truly impressed at this stumper. Ive traced wires, eliminated fuel, compression, air, reeds, etc. Any help would be awesome.

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    Need to check fuel pressure when it fails...
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