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Old mixed fuel

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  • Old mixed fuel

    I pulled the boat trailer down the driveway away from my neighbors window and hooked the muffs up to the old 50 horse Mercury. I hadn't run the outboard in a few years so I didn't know what to expect. It started with just a little cranking but it wasn't running strong and then it would die after a minute or so. I noticed that there wasn't the big cloud of smoke that I used to see when I would run it on the muffs. Seems like somebody told me before that the gas oil mix doesn't separate with time but I think I will get an old kitchen spoon out and mix whatever is in that fuel tank anyway before I try it again. If that doesn't work I think I will try a new tank of fuel. Hope to get it in the water before the season is over.

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    The oil would be at the bottom, and the gas on top. So if there was separation, you would see lots of smoke. If the gas is that old, don't use it, it will probably plug up parts of the fuel system. Remove it from the tank, and put it in the Mother-in-laws car


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      use old gas to start bonfires.

      while 2-stroke oil will prolong fuel from breaking down qiocl;u , fuel will start to break down and evaporate starting from the day it is refined. 6 months is the life expectancy of fuel, 12 months if your fuel is Sinclair and you stored it in a "sealed container in a cool environment"

      if you started at 50:1, you probably are much closer to 100:1 with the remainder of the stuff no longer being fuel after a few years.

      2-stroke oil will prolong fuel for about 6 months

      (stabil will prolong fuel for about 6 months as well, however will not improve on 2-stroke oil.)
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