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1959 Mark 58A= Cowl emblem revoveable

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  • 1959 Mark 58A= Cowl emblem revoveable

    Anyone know how to remove the Kiekhaefer Mercury emblem for the front cowl ? I have removed everything else with great care but have no idea about the emblem.I also could use any suggestions or recommendations as to where I could get it recromed. Thank you for any help.

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    Be cheaper to find a good one on E-bay.


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      Thank you raceone but I`ve been searching ebay for years with no luck. I can find plenty of the 60`s - 70`s .I am the second owner of this motor, I inherited it from my father 40 years ago and would like to keep it original if possible . I would like to have it re chromed or soda blasted and powder coated cloud white . Ether way I need to remove the emblem.Thank you for any help.


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        Looky here-------johnsoldmerc--------Might connect with someone there.


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          Thank you racerone, I`ll update if I find out.


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            I took some off by heating the backside with a propane torch and gently prying with an eating knife but I don't think it's a good idea, some of the paint can get left behind and then you have to re-apply it; it is held on by an awesome adhesive.
            Try to leave it on and work around it.
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              Yes they had some good plastics / epoxy material back then.----Often see these 60 year old emblems in pristine condition.


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                Went to johnsoldmerc and was suggested this method of removable.

                heat the backside with a propane torch till the melting glue starts to smell, then use Dacron twisted multi strand fishing line, or something similar and in a sawing motion cut thru that glue under the emblem, pull the string towards the face plate when in the sawing motion as not to damage the emblem backside.

                Wish me luck.


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                  I think you can find lots of those emblems online.----Not sure if they are the same quality as originals.


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                    Thanks for everyone's help, I got it off. Now I need to find a place to re chrome the cowl.