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Upper end cap oil seal blowing out?

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  • Upper end cap oil seal blowing out?

    0G369283. Merc 40 hp 30 jet 4 cyl 1996. Was having a problem with an exhaust leak so took off the flywheel down to the flywheel shaft and what I saw was the upper oil seal loose it had worked itself out of place. I reseated it it seemed to go in nice and tight it was not damaged. That was the end of my problems no more exhaust leak the engine was running great took it out to test on the lake heard a popping sound in the engine and then the engine started to die I looked under the flywheel and the oil seal had blown out of its place again. So I limped back to shore on the trolling motor took the top-end apart again now the oil seal is damaged I can get another one easy enough but I think I need to figure out why the oil seal is blowing out of its seat. I welcome any and all ideas and thank you for your knowledge and input. I don't want to try to just keep replacing oil seals if I can't find the root cause of this problem. Thank you

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    Mercury recommends using Loctite A on the seal outer surface of all seals. This info is from the 1975-8 manual so I don't know what they say now but it should be the same.


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