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ground terminal continuity

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  • ground terminal continuity

    Once in a while I turn the key on my 5.0 and nothing happens...no clicks,no gauges...nothing. So I am cleaning electrical connections throughout the system.
    The main ground terminal/stud on the back of the engine is out now and will be cleaned up and reinstalled. Do I use thread locker when reinstalling it or will thread locker insulate against continuity? Does dielectric grease help keep terminals from corroding? Would dielectric grease on the threads allow the stud to work itself free due to vibration?
    Your thoughts please.

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    Re: ground terminal continuity

    Shouln't need threadlocker,just install and tighten. You could check it every other outing and see of comes loose,I bet not.
    Dielectric grease will help corosion issues and I use it on most all conections myself. They make a spray sealer that works for batteries terminals,but I prefer dialectric grease myself. Some pf the spray stuff gets hard like a varnish,which leads me to belive that of it got on the wrong places,it wold break contunity anyway.
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      Re: ground terminal continuity

      while i'm no pro. i wouldn't use any thread lock. that connection is the main grd. i wouldn't want anything to interfere with that. thread lock might or might not interfere. but i wouldn't want to take any chances.

      i do however clean all my easy to get at terminals during my summerization process. including the main ground on the block, both ends of the pos. and neg. batt. wires and all 4 points to which the connect to.
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