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"New" fuel pump smells like gas, is it used?

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  • "New" fuel pump smells like gas, is it used?

    Hi all,

    This is my first post. I found this forum a while back while boat shopping and it has been very informative. I have since started ordering parts from iboats as well. My first question is about one of these parts.

    I have been having a surging issue at high throttle on a Mercruiser 4.3LX from approximately 1991, and ordered a replacement fuel pump from iboats (hopefully my diagnosis is correct, but that's a separate issue). It arrived sealed in a plastic bag that is not completely airtight, and the whole thing reeked of gas when I opened the box. I am not sure if this smell originated inside the bag or from something that was spilled on the outside. Since I cannot call iboats until tomorrow, does anyone want to weigh in on whether this is normal for a fuel pump? I have never ordered one before, do they bathe it in gas during assembly, or soak it in something else that smells like gasoline? I'm concerned that if I open the bag I may be stuck with a non-working part.

    If I don't resolve the surging problem this time around, I'll probably be back asking for advice on that as well.

    Thanks in advance, and also for all the useful posts from which I've already benefited.

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    Re: "New" fuel pump smells like gas, is it used?

    Iv'e never seen one before that smelled like gas.
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      Re: "New" fuel pump smells like gas, is it used?

      Thanks for the response. I guess I'll call iboats tomorrow morning before doing anything. Seems pretty strange to me. At least I got registered for the forum tonight


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        Re: "New" fuel pump smells like gas, is it used?

        It sounds like you got a returned part from iBoats . . . that sort of thing should not happen. Best to get them on the phone.
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          Re: "New" fuel pump smells like gas, is it used?

          I got a new fuel pump for my motor from iboats and it didn't smell like gas sombody returned the pump to iboat probly from buying the wrong pump and they just put it back on the shelf. i'm sure they will replace


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            Re: "New" fuel pump smells like gas, is it used?

            Thanks all.

            I have been on the phone with iboats this morning. They put a note on the order that they would accept a return after I opened the part up and investigated it. Got back on the phone afterward and informed them that the part itself was in fact soaked in gas, and that there was enough gas in the package that there are also soaked areas on two sides of the box (bag was not completely sealed). I made it clear that someone apparently repackaged (in a sealed bag!) a returned part.

            They are checking to see if they can overnight me a replacement, and if not they will refund me. I've sourced a part somewhat locally that I will be picking up today in the latter case. The local one is a merc part at a much higher cost, but it will hopefully get me up and running.

            I'm pretty disappointed, but at least customer service is trying to make it right. To add a positive note to this post, other items I have ordered have been fine, shipping has been fast, and the hold times for customer service have been short.

            BTW, the part in question is 18-7284, a Sierra fuel pump.


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              Re: "New" fuel pump smells like gas, is it used?

              For closure, iboats did have another on hand and offered to overnight it, but I opted to go for local, oem part that I can get today.

              Thanks again, everyone.