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4.3 Starter Solenoid Clicks but does not start

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  • 4.3 Starter Solenoid Clicks but does not start

    Hi guys,

    Recently been having an issue with my 89 Rinker with a 4.3. When I turn the key to cranking position I can hear the solenoid clicking but does not spin the starter.

    I did a bit of research and it obviously seems like a starter solenoid but the starter solenoid i found through research is AC Delco P/n 1114583. That looks like a solenoid on the actual starter.

    The solenoid that i can hear clicking is mounted in front of what would be the drivers side head on the motor which looks like a normal solenoid.

    Not sure if that is starter as well? Just want to make sure I'm replacing the correct noid.

    Any help is appreciated!


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    Re: 4.3 Starter Solenoid Clicks but does not start

    Don S.

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      Re: 4.3 Starter Solenoid Clicks but does not start

      Thanks Don, went ahead and ordered a slave solenoid! $20.99 and should be back together.