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Ford Indmar 351 5.8l v8 direct drive (1991) t-stat

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  • Ford Indmar 351 5.8l v8 direct drive (1991) t-stat

    Hi,I have a Ford Indmar 351 5.8l v8 direct drive (1991) raw water cooled, the temp gauge only rises a very small amount while running at high speed and drops back to bottom when at idle. It used to go about half way up and stay there all the time, somebody said that it may be the t-stat is stuck open, anybody got any pic's or info on where the t-stat is and if it is easy to change. I am not bad with a spanner. Is it a bad thing if the t-stat is open all the time, the boat runs great??CheersRoss

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    Re: Ford Indmar 351 5.8l v8 direct drive (1991) t-stat

    Though I don't know your exact set-up, your t-stat should be in the housing where all the hoses come together at the front of the engine, and relatively easy to get at. It does sound like it might be stuck open. Running it cold will cause excessive wear, and 'hot spots' in certain areas, as well as more fuel consumption. It is not good for the engine in the long run.........JK
    Disclaimer!: In my inexpert opinion......